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Canon EOS 550D video from Auckland

June 25th, 2010 18:00

This is a video I shot recently in Queen St, Auckland. Caleb Michael Smith playing guitar. It was shot on Canon EOS 550D camera. I used Canon 50mm/1.8 lens, ISO1600, f-stop 1.8-2.2, shutter speed 1/50, 1920×1080 25fps. Sound was recorded on an external recorder Zoom H2. The shot was very spontaneous, I just went there and did it. I found 50mm is a little too long for handheld video shooting, it gets shaky. Image stabilizer would be helpful.


  1. CommentDee

    Great little vid – like this guy’s jams!

  2. Commentpolution

    Hey good work man. I like the religious feel to it.
    I’m a kiwi and I also have a canon 550D… just bought it.
    Give me an email if ya free.

    all the best

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