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Praying Mantis

Praying Mantis, Auckland, New Zealand

«They do not bite humans, damage household furnishings, nor spread disease. However, when handled, their spiny-like forelegs can be readily felt as a "sharp pinch".
The common name comes from the manner in which they hold up the forepart of the body, with its enormous front legs, as though in an attitude of prayer. They might also be called "preying mantes" for they are carnivorous, eating other insects. The body is elongate with the front legs modified into prominent grasping organs that catch and hold prey. The wings are well developed, but mantids commonly remain quiet in one place until another insect comes into reach. However, they sometimes cautiously stalk their prey.»

Taken: 26.06.2002
Published: 26.06.2002
Location: Auckland, New Zealand

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